Choosing a good TEFL/TESOLDistance / Online TEFL course. This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. With the coming of the internet and email, a host of organizations and individuals have set themselves up as trainers or training centres.

There are a number of questions you should ask when evaluating a training course:

  • Is the course offered by a reputable organisation with a good language teaching track record, i.e.

    Is the TESOL training centre linked to a Language school or centre? Going with an established Institution, who has been in the training field for more than 10 years is highly recommended.

  • Does the course include observed and assessed teaching practice? This is a vital component of any teaching/training course.

  • Is the course content based on a modern, widely used teaching methodology?

    The Course designer should have a Masters degree, possibly also in TESOL, CELTA. They should also have experience as a TESOL/CELTA teacher and trainer and taught in EFL classrooms here and internationally.

  • The degrees and qualifications should be clearly listed on the website.

If the Institution offers further training courses such as Teaching Business English (TBE) the qualifications as above would apply . For the Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYLT) course the above qualifications would apply once again plus a TEYLT certificate.